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For Escort Allure models, it is paramount their customers experience only the most enjoyable moments while they are with them. However, human relationships are delicate matter and misunderstandings sometimes occur. Therefore, it is nice when there are uniform rules to follow. Our lovely ladies are asking you to get acquainted with this ESCORT Etiquette, which is respected by the clients in all elite escort agencies not only in Amsterdam but all over the world.

Our Еscort Еtiquette Guide contains 8 main points:
1. Contacting the escort service.
2. Choosing an escort model.
3. Booking.
4. General hygiene rules.
5. Your attitude to the escort model you have chosen.
6. Payment.
7. Health and Safety.
8. Alcohol and Drugs.

Contacting the escort service Allure

This is the beginning of the adventure. And in order to be fully saturated with enjoyable experiences, it is first a good idea to answer yourself a few questions:

 Does our escort service fit your budget?
– What kind of escort service do you prefer?
 Do you feel safe with our escort service?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes to you, then you can go on to choosing a girl and booking the escort service.

2. Choosing an escort model

This, of course, is the best part prior to the service. When you know exactly what you are looking for – what type of a model or what kind of fetish suits you – then it is even more fun. Fortunately for our customers, we have a large variety of different models. From gorgeous teen escorts to pornstars, from blondes to brunettes, from petite to BBW – you can meet anyone you desire.

3. Booking

Once you have chosen a girl, the booking follows. If your order includes a specific girl or model who performs special orders and fetishes, please contact us as early as possible. This is to ensure that the model you choose has the time and ability to prepare as well as possible.

Here are some tips on how to book best:

 After connecting with Escort Allure, introduce yourself. Explain your preferences and requirements. And follow the instructions of our operator.
 Be courteous to the operator. Courtesy doesn’t cost money, but it can earn you an unexpected bonus.
 If you are not completely sure about your booking, it is better to give yourself a little more time to think before calling or writing.
 The price of the service is not negotiable, so don’t bargain. This will be considered an insult and your order will not be accepted.
 Doesn`t submit false information and data. Our clients’ anonymity is paramount to us! It is important that we have your accurate information to ensure the safety of our girls.

If we find that you have provided us with false personal information, your order will be canceled and you will be blacklisted. This will prevent you from using our escort services in the future. Escort Allure guarantees 100% anonymity to its customers!

 which girl you chose (it`s good to have a prepared an alternative choice);
 your real name;
 phone number (mobile);
 date and time of your booking;
 duration of the service;
 hotel name and room number for the meeting.

4. General hygiene rules

Escort Allure is an elite agency offering high quality escort services. This means that our models are regularly subjected to medical examination and strict hygiene. Their health is a priority that is not compromised. Therefore, there are certain hygiene requirements for the customers themselves. Here are our hygiene requirements:

 it is mandatory to take a shower before consuming the service, emphasizing the intimate parts of the body;
 brush your teeth;
– it is desirable (for both men and women clients) that they have shaved the hairs on their faces and some parts of the bodies;
 wear clean underwear;
 you must be dressed when our escort model arrives;
 good hygiene at the place where the service will be performed (in most cases it is a hotel room) the bed, sheets, pillows – should be clean.

5. Your attitude to the escort model you have booked

If you haven’t been to an elite escort model (boy or girl), our tips will help you avoid some unpleasant moments and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

★ Be respectful with the escort model you have booked. The pleasure of the experience must be two-way – try to make it happen and we guarantee you an unforgettable meeting!

★ If at any time you feel uncomfortable – share it with our model. Don’t force yourself or our girl to do something that is not pleasant. Feel free to discuss these points. All our escort ladies are professionals and have the necessary experience and knowledge to handle any situation. Be a Gentleman – our wonderful models appreciate this attitude and know how to reward it.

★ The private life of our models is beyond discussion. Please do not ask them for their addresses or telephone numbers. Many of the girls who work for us have different responsibilities throughout the day. Some work, others go to university and study, or just watch their family. Be polite, remain a gentleman, and do not question them about this part of their lives.

At the same time, any information you share – will remain confidential. Our models are professionals and are trained to respect complete privacy and maintain the anonymity of their customers.

6. Payment

Prepare in advance the appropriate amount for the escort service you have booked before our girl arrives. When our model asks for your payment – please pay immediately. Don’t make money and start counting it in front of our girl – she’s not a cashier at a store. For the same reason, do not expect an odd money. If you want to pay with a card – please let us know in advance so the girl can bring a terminal.

Any payment bargaining is considered an insult and unacceptable.

 Payment currency is Euro, British Pounds or US Dollars
 Credit or debit card: American Express, Visa, MasterCard.
 You can also pay by a bank transfer or credit card in advance. We also accept payment through PayPal.

7.Health and Safety

★ Condom uses is a non-negotiable! Escort models practice only safe sex! This applies to vaginal as well as anal, oral, and all kinds of sex. This is to ensure both your safety and that of our models. All our models are provided with enough condoms for themselves and their clients. So don’t worry – you don’t have to carry it – we’ll provide you.

Don’t force our girls to have unsafe sex!

★ If you have any doubts that you are a sexually transmitted infection (STI) – don`t use escort services. If our girl understands that you have such a disease, she is entitled to cancel the reservation even if you have already paid and the service has started.

★ All Allure escort models undergo regular medical check-ups. Our girls are professionals pay their health insurance and comply with high health ethics in the workplace.

8. Alcohol and Drugs

A little whiskey with a coke, a gin with a tonic or tea with brandy for relax of the nerve – that’s acceptable. However, a bottle of vodka or a whole box of beer is too much. Escort Allure does not tolerate the use of alcohol. Alcohol in large quantities has been shown to suppress sexual potency. It inhibits orgasm and weakens your libido.

Escort Allure adheres to a strict policy of non-drug use by customers and escort models before, during and after the service is provided.

★ Do not force our models to use alcohol or drugs. It is also not ok for you to use alcohol and drugs. At least because this way you will not be able to fully enjoy the pleasure of the escort service that our elite models will provide.

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